The ever-evolving FAQ!

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The evolution of iHungry?

The idea was to make it as minimalistic as possible, with a self sufficient aspect; though, not too basic nor too complex.

We didn't just make the website.. we use it too!

Did you know that you can also make use of creative recipe entries?

For example, lets say you want to indulge in a TGIF (on and every) Friday.

Add a Category in 'My Settings' called 'TGIF'.

Add a recipe in 'My Recipes' which may include your favourite foodie meal, and a bottle of wine, and link it to that Category 'TGIF'.

And if you are looking at making use of the 'My Weekly' meal two-week scheduler, you can add that this Category (TGIF) happens (from the dropdown menu in respective order 'Once' / 'Per Week' / 'Friday'.

Did you know how recipes and categories on 'My Weekly' work?

You need a few Categories set up and at least a few recipes per Category, depending on your preferences, for this to work ideally.

For example, say there are 3 recipes in the Category1 and 8 recipes in Category2.

And for Category1 from the three dropdown menu in respective order you pick 'Once' / 'One Week' / 'Random'.

And for Category2 from the three dropdown menu in respective order you pick 'Seven' / 'One Week' / 'Random'.

You then click the 'Submit' button and then click the 'Generate Schedule' button.

And there is now a random pool of 8 equally weighted items but the server will choose only seven for you per week; each category entry is treated equal weight. The items are 1 x (random Category1; it picks a random one of the three recipes) and 7 x (random Category2). It will also pick, if randomly chosen, distinct recipes from each Category2 per each day.

How do i upload an image for a recipe?

Add the recipe from our main page (Make sure you're logged in!) and then go to 'My Recipes' and edit that specific recipe and upload an image. Every time you edit a recipe if you do not upload an image the original is retained; however, if you upload another image, it will replace the existing!

So.. i have a bunch of recipes on iHungry but want to keep a backup of each individual recipe i have there.. just incase Trump shuts you down?

You can download each individual recipe you have created by clicking on 'My Recipes' then 'View' and on the next page in that washed out grey banner (to the right of the recipe title!) click that cloud download icon and it will prompt you to save it as a PDF document.

Can you add this?

We are open to suggestions, and if feasible, will add on request. Please contact us if you are eager to share!